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Denny Morales is a mentor, coach, healer and everything in between. Co-owner of Gods in Training, he guides people to their deepest core by removing false identities and beliefs. Denny has become an “Ego Expert” and shares his awakening journey and experience of identifying and dissolving the parts of us that we have created to protect and limit ourselves. The process is for anyone willing to take a leap, to unlearn what we have been taught, to be able to self-realize, heal and fulfill our lives, our needs and desires. 

Denny’s passion for media & production have led him across the country, interviewing and producing films with names such as Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, JT Foxx and many more.

DENNY MORALES . Denny Morales . denny morales . denny morales . denny morales

For me, it started with a VHS camera. 

It opened my heart.

I love to capture people in inspired moments. 

I love to entertain & bring joy through my lightheartedness and playful spirit. 

The camera opened a whole new world within me to express myself and my love for a deep life.


I started in television production during highschool and started to be recognized for this innate talent and passion within me. I took a job at the local PBS station in Las Vegas at 17 and continued to work in television on and off for 25 years. I was honored to be awarded with an Emmy while at NBC. Hosting a film festival was one of the most exciting experiences to showcase local talent. I found so much joy in this career that I even started a film school and production company, working on many short films and landing a TV pilot with Scott Yancey of A&E’s Flipping Vegas show. It was a wild ride and I loved it!


There was a major shift for me around the age of 24. Someone told me about a book series, “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. Reading this book sparked something within me. I knew there was more to this experience. I knew that I had work to do within myself that I had been unaware of up until this point. I became fascinated and enthralled with spirituality and metaphysical teachings. I dove head first into my healing process, taking in as much as I could. I knew I wanted to work directly with Neale after the profound feelings that I had when reading his work. I set the intention and before long I was at Neale’s retreat, interviewing him for my new film, “The Last Formula”. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with several other stars from the hit movie “The Secret”.


Fast forward another ten years, my life has been dedicated to this healing, this knowing within me. I have studied countless masters of energy and remembering. I feel like I’ve found the keys that are shared between them all. I feel like I’ve found the core of humanity’s pain. I feel like I’ve tapped into this truth that I would like to offer and share for those who are also ready to take a leap, to trust and start the process of healing within themselves.

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Nurturing our individual Soul journey.

Connecting the community.

Serving the collective.

I have wanted to create a container for people to be unconditionally loved and accepted for who they truly are.

To show up fully, unafraid of judgment, to have somewhere to belong, to not feel alone when things get tough.


Sharing love & compassion for all.​

Bringing a deeper sense of awareness & consciousness into our lives.

​Finding our center, our balance, honoring our bodies.

The journey of embracing our authentic selves.

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